I have an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach, a coil of disappointment waiting to loosen. Tomorrow night, I’m doing something I haven’t done since Time Burton’s Batman in 1989. I’m going to watch a superhero movie on opening day.

It’s not that I will object to the crowds or any cosplay I might see. I’m really more worried that the movie will just suck.

Yes. I’m going to see Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

I’ve got to be one of the few people that actually enjoyed Superman: Man of Steel. I didn’t care for the depiction of Jonathan Kent, or the general even emotional tone all of Zach Synder’s films. I found the movie’s dystopian view of Krypton fascinating.  The frenetic, kinetic fight scenes felt filled with super heroic power.

The movie effectively conveyed the scope of Superman’s power. To push a hero of Superman’s strength means inviting cataclysm, courting potentially worldwide destruction, and insuring high casualty count. Superman alone cannot handle these threats while protecting people.  When mere humans get involved at this level, they tend to do themselves a lot of damage. Superman: Man of Steel proves Superman needs an ensemble universe and I’m glad to see DC and Warner Brothers moving in that direction.

If it’s not MoS what’s driving my concern? Back in Summer of 2011 I had to choose between Green Lantern and X-men: First Class. I chose poorly. If there was a film I ever really watched to like, it was Green Lantern. It just didn’t happen.

I know my fears are unreasonable. My lack of enjoyment for Ben  Affleck’s Daredevil doesn’t prevent me from enjoying the Netflix series. A good chunk of the pre-release buzz has been positive so far. It’s just that…

I’m a DC guy. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman are some of the first characters I read growing up. I was a Teenaged Marvel Zombie, but DC comics outnumber Marvel in my collection 2 to 1. A 6” Mego  Aquaman action figure was the first I collected. These are “my” characters. I want to see them we ll cared for.

I’ll be back on Friday to let you know how DC  and Warner Brothers did.