I haven’t done the quarterly filing yet, but I have a lot of comics. DC makes up about two thirds of my 9,544 books, and there is a good showing from when I was a teenage Marvel zombie. Comic Drawer Boxes have served me well for years, getting me through three moves in the last ten years: Portable, strong, and stackable. Unfortunately, the bottom row of my collection suffered a blow out back in January. Since I had settled into a home and had enough room, I figured it was time to look for a more permanent solution.

I briefly considered making custom comics shelving myself. I’m not a complete carpentry slouch. Anything I build, I can always build more of when I got to the point of too many comics. (Like that could actually happen!) How hard could it be? Fortunately, good sense got the better of me and I decided to go a professional route.

Google did not offer many worthwhile or cost-effective solutions. I also had particular requirements. I wanted removable drawers with handles on each end, a small faceplate to drop in an index card, and casters on each cabinet to make is easier to roll around. Nothing pre-made met my specifications. Custom solutions seemed way out of my price range. Building myself something was looking like a better, very time-consuming option.

Then I found M & P Woods. Mike and Paula had something very close to what I wanted and offered customizations. Hopeful, I penned an email to the pair and sent it off. In terms of comic book storage and customer service, I could not be more pleased.

M&P do an amazing job with keeping their work safe in transit.

From the onset of our relationship, the couple remained engage in understanding my requirements and walking me through options. We decided on hardware together. When the first shipment had suffered some damage, we worked together to work out solutions. Customer service is more about how a company handles issues after they happen. Mike and Paula went above and beyond in that regard.

I have a comic storage solution with exactly the features I wanted. Each drawer has custom inserts to prevent comics from sagging. The nameplates let me know exactly what’s in each drawer. Wheels made the cabinets a breeze to push around, even while full. Mike and Paula knew the questions to ask to get me to explain what I required, then had the skills to make those specifications real.

Looking for a permanent home for your comics? Look no further than M & P Woods.

Beautiful; and functional