Cosplay Soiree

My attempts at and appreciation of all sorts of cosplay.

Giselle’s Gazelle

The serialized adventures of Captain Gili Giselle, her First Mate Dede Spivakovsky, and the good ship Gazelle. If you’re willing to pay, they’re looking for work: Cargo hauling, smuggling,  rescues, kidnapping,… They’re not picky.

The Pull List

A weekly look at upcoming comics and comics culture.

Raising a Nerdling

One of the great things about middle age is the relationship you get to have with your kids. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned about the world from my 12 year old’s eyes. Having grown up with geeks and nerds myself, and after spending time with my friends’ gaggles of geeky kids, I realize they all bring their own unique perspectives to the world.

This column tries to share those points of view with readers. For those geeks thinking about kids, use this as a primer or, perhaps, a warning. For the nerds with kids, “Raising a Nerdling” may offer some comfort. You are not alone. For everyone else, I hope to raise some chuckles, at the very least.

Stop Chop and Role

Stop Chop and Role examines one topic in LARP or RPGs. I’m hoping to raise awareness of role-play in the Chicago area and to connect people of similar thought with the game that waits for them. I’m open to suggestions for future topics and can be reached via the Contact Me page.