RexRex is …

… a professional with a day job

I currently work in a mixed project management, business analyst, software developer role a large, international law firm. I entered the private sector after five years of teaching in Japanese and American middle schools.

… a father

I will confess. I wasn’t sure I wanted to have kids. My teenager, Trinity, has convinced me I made the right choice in conceiving them. I love seeing the world through a new set of eyes. That Trin shares many of my interest adds icing on the cake.

“Daddy? Will I get your comic books when you die? I just want to make sure Mommy doesn’t sell them.”

… a long time role-player

I’ve been role playing in various forms for almost 30 years. I started in D&D and quickly branched into other systems: Traveller, Gamma World, Champions, Call of Cthulhu, Cyberpunk, etc. I started playing World of Darkness in 1992 while a friend of mine was working for White Wolf. I consider running a 10 yeah WoD chronicle one of my greatest achievement in terms of RP, storytelling, character development, and just good times with friends. It’s the bar I use to measure other gaming experiences against. It’s also the reason I will not likely play a WoD game ever again.

I am currently running a tabletop Traveller game for my regular group while working on a D &D campaign online.

… an avid comic book collector

My personal, physical comic collection contains about 8,000 books. It includes some notable stories: the first appearance of Black Panther, full runs of Sandman, Birds of Prey, and Strangers in Paradise, the original “monthly” run of Watchmen. The most valuable book in the lot just happens to be The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #1, given to me by a customer while I was managing a comic shop. I add 40~50 comics each month and I read them all.

I worked in comic and game stores all through university and managed a shop in the Loop while attending grad school.

… a beginning cosplayer

Steampunk finally convinced me to let down my guard and let me costuming flag fly. Since slipping on my first pair of goggles, I knew I needed more.  Now, one bedroom of our house has turned into a sewing room/closet and I’ve done my best to expand my collection of Neo-Victorian, Neo-Meiji, and Neo-Bedouin gear, while trying to piece together costumes of Deathstroke, Ravager, Walter White, and an Adventure Team GI Joe. My sewing skills are nothing to brag about, but I’m getting better all the time.

… a writer

Writing is something I’ve had to do this I was a teen. I enjoy telling stories, developing characters, and figuring out the intricacies of a plot.

… a certified Geek Guy