Welcome to Day 1 of the 12 Days of Holiday Game Recommendations, now think fast! My first suggestion this year is Nut So Fast, by Smirk&Dagger. (Published under their Smirk & Laughter product line.)

Nut So Fast is a reflex card game for 3-6 players. Each player begins the game with roughly the same amount of cards in a facedown pile. At the center of the table is a collection of cartoony nut tokens. On a player’s turn they draw the top two cards from their pile. If a total of four of the same nut is shown between that player’s two cards, everyone races to grab the corresponding token. The walnut and cashew tokens are distributed like musical chairs; a token for every player but one. Whoever fails to grab one of those tokens has to collect the cards from the player who revealed the set of four. (Points are bad in this game!) Meanwhile, there’s a single pistachio token, and the quick player who grabs that gets to choose the poor soul who gets stuck with the points.

(There’s also a single almond, but I won’t tell you how that works. You’ll need to play to find out for yourself.)

Complicating matters are the three “Nutty Pose” cards. At the start of each game, three poses are randomly assigned to 1, 2, or 3. (Poses vary from finger guns, self bunny ears, peace signs, and other silliness.) If a number card is relieved, forget the nuts and strike the correct pose! Whomever was slowest gets the points.

The goal of Nuts So Fast is to have the least points after three rounds of play. In between rounds, a new trio of Nutty Poses gets dealt out. Careful about those reflexes you just developed over the last round, because suddenly they’re wrong!

Nuts So Fast is a great combination of mental and physical reflexes, making it a game for groups who enjoy the likes of Pit, Slap Jack, Jungle Speed, or Set. You can download the rules at the Smirk & Laughter website, and get it from most Friendly Local Game Stores.

About the Author

James Nettum started playing RPG’s while in fourth grade, sneaking in sessions of AD&D on the playground of his Catholic school. He went pro at the age of 25 when he took a position at Pegasus Games in Madison, Wisconsin. He’s been there 10 years and plays every sort of game, except collectibles.

James started posting a 12 Days of Holiday Gaming via Facebook on Black Friday in 2016. I enjoyed the recommendations and wanted to share them. With his permission, I’m reblogging the series here at Chicago Geek Guy.